Investing in myself was the best thing I’ve ever done

investing in myself

When was the last time you truly invested in YOURSELF? 

For me, my first ever (super scary) investment in myself was starting therapy. Generally, asking for help didn’t come easy for me (and to be honest it’s still something I struggle with at times, even now). Even though it was the scariest thing, I also knew it was the best thing I could’ve done for myself, my mental health and also for the people closest to me. 

Starting therapy allowed me to acknowledge the wounded parts of me and my past that I didn’t want to look at before. It was the beginning of my mental health recovery and my self love journey. 

I would never have ended up here, in this position where I’m able to actually help others in their journey as a Self Love and Mindset Coach had I not invested in myself first (and still continue to invest in myself since then)!

I know how important and powerful it can be to really keep up with your inner work, to then see the results, the growth that ultimately allows us to live more fulfilling lives! 

This is why I created my Embrace Your Body course for those who (like myself in the past and still sometimes even now) have struggled with body love and acceptance. This is a beautiful self-paced course that will help you learn to see your body for all that it is vs. what you feel it is not. 

It’s an investment (yet also affordable) that will create life-changing benefits and results for you. I hope you will join us if you’re looking for support in this area!

Learn more about Embrace Your Body here. 

Kay <3 


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