Feeling is healing!

Feeling is healing

How feeling leads to healing:

There are still times now where I get very impatient with my own healing process. I spend times wishing I was further along, doing more or feeling amazing and full of energy all of the time. 

There are also still times where I get scared and overwhelmed by how much I’m feeling! Seemingly out of nowhere things like intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and trapped traumas that I haven’t thought about in years pop up. 

All of a sudden I become more aware of different, old patterns I might have not wanted to acknowledge before and get triggered so much more. 

Basically, a whole lot of feels and emotions that can feel incredibly overwhelming. Especially when I try to resist or push them away. 

Majority of my life from a very young age was filled with traumatic events/situations, and I’m trying to remind myself that it is okay to still be healing from those. Healing also means that things might pop up, when I’m ready to feel them and release them. 

Creating space for them feels to arise, to ground myself, to find gratitude in these moments has been incredibly empowering!

For me creating space means letting go of many distractions I normally would have throughout the day like consuming or creating content and generally taking a step back from all my social media. 

Swapping Netflix for Youtube videos of Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks or Joe Dispenza. 

I find it so much easier to be able to connect with myself when I have more time to go inward, more silence, more time for reflection – journaling, tapping (EFT), and deeper meditations. 

This inner work is actually far from easy. Numbing myself for many years felt a lot easier! 

But I now know and see the importance of it. Not just for my own healing, but for being able to help my clients too. This gives me the motivation and determination to keep showing up for myself! 

Healing is a process that asks us to be more kind and patient with ourselves. 

To create the safety within ourselves that maybe we didn’t have years ago. To allow ourselves to feel whatever wants to arise, to create the space for it. 

I’d love to know, how do you create the space for yourself to feel? 

You gotta feel it to heal it! 




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