It’s okay to slow down and rest

slow down and rest

It’s okay to slow down and rest. 

As I’ve come up with a whole list of things I could do today to make up for how ‘little’ I’ve done all day, I paused and asked myself, ‘What do I ACTUALLY need/want to do?’ 

The answer came loud and clear: ‘Rest, do nothing.’

Oh boy, is my ego not happy about this one, though. ‘How can you waste a day like that?!’

‘Maybe you’ll feel better if you distract yourself from feeling so exhausted?’ (this one doesn’t work; the exhaustion always catches up with me and it’s  more intense when it does). 

‘What if slowing down just makes you feel more crap?’

‘How can you go through a day without ACHIEVING something!? No, eating and breathing and existing is not an achievement!’ 

Can anyone else relate? Our inner mean girl/ego/irrational thought patterns can be a lot louder than our rational thoughts. That’s why we give into them time and time again. That’s why we overwork ourselves and burn ourselves out. 

(Technically I’m giving into my own thoughts by doing this post but excusing it as something that’s been coming up most for me during the flare up/physical healing process. Writing and sharing exposes the shame that has come up with those thoughts and if we have learned anything from Dr. Brene Brown it’s that shame cannot survive when it’s spoken about!)

So here’s a reminder to myself and to anyone else who might need it: 

  • It is always OKAY to slow down. Needing a break/needing to rest doesn’t make you a failure. Just think about the times you’ve allowed yourself to really rest and the energy that came after that! 
  • Don’t keep trying to push through things just to seem ‘proactive’ when they don’t spark joy. 
  • Healing is an ongoing journey. Be patient with yourself and with the process. 
  • You are already enough, exactly as you are right now! Even if all you have done is eaten and breathed today. 
  • Making your health a priority is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for everyone else! So, taking care of yourself and nourishing your body is kind of a big achievement!
  • It’s all temporary. You won’t always feel like this but while you do give yourself more compassion and grace. You’re doing the best you can right now!

I would love to hear what are the things that help you through relax and rest without guilt? What have you learned in your own healing and self-love journey? Share below and let’s and support one another in the comments! 

Kay <3 


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