Can you love yourself just the way you are?

can you love yourself just the way you are?

Can you love yourself just the way you are?

The idea of writing things I ‘love’ about myself can still feel a bit weird and uncomfortable at times. Especially during more challenging times it can take a little while for me to go head to head with my limiting beliefs and find things to love about myself that my inner critic won’t throw a fit about. 

Here are my 3 things I love/consciously make an effort to accept and appreciate about myself:

  1. My body! 

    I’m currently going through an emotional rollercoaster about my body and appearance. I’ve put on a lot of weight through this flare up and it can be harder to see my reflection at times. But, when I take that all away I can really appreciate everything my body is doing FOR ME. It’s working so hard to heal right now, all of the organs working together and working for me! How flipping incredible are our bodies!? Especially when we focus less on our appearance and more on what’s inside. 

  2. My determination!

    To grow, to help others, to learn, to heal myself, to make an impact in this world. This always helps me and motivates me to get through challenging times. 

  3. My self-expression!

    Whether it’s through the colourful clothes I wear, my writing, photography, and art or through movement, cooking and singing – I really love to be able to express myself. 

    That creative part of me was not existing when I was in an abusive relationships, but in the last few years I feel like I’ve allowed this part of me to spark up again and it feels SO good! 

Loving yourself just the way you are is not about being a perfect human being and it’s also not about constantly picking yourself apart. It’s about picking something that you can accept and appreciate and really focusing on it until you can LOVE that about yourself. 

Journaling Q for you: 

“What are 3 things you love and/or are learning to love about yourself?”

If you feel comfortable to share, I’d love to see your response in the comments below! 

Kay <3 


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