How vulnerability helped me heal

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Vulnerability can feel super scary, but it’s what helps us connect with other beings on such a deeper level. Not just with romantic partners, but with everyone around us. 

My Instagram profile really began just for me as a visual diary of my mental health recovery, and I didn’t expect anyone to read what I had to say. 

Then, I noticed it was the moments when I started to share more vulnerable parts of my journey that I really began developing a deeper connection with people who had experienced similar things as I have. That connection helped me so much on this journey, always reminding me that I’m never alone in this. 

I’ve found my comfortable place online, where sharing my vulnerabilities still can of course feel incredibly scary, but it’s now just a part of what I do here, I guess!

It’s made me realise just how important being vulnerable can be, especially in this online space. 

At the end of the day, we are all just trying to figure this life thing out. Most of us don’t have it all together – I certainly don’t and I wouldn’t want you to think otherwise. 

I’m still learning to be more vulnerable with people in my life, to ask for help when I need it and not beat myself up for it, to allow myself to feel, and also to be proud of myself, my successes, and acknowledge myself for how far I’ve come. 

There’s no quick fix for how to be more comfortable with vulnerability apart from actually practising it! Maybe next time someone you care about asks how you’re doing, instead of just saying “fine,” get deeper. 

What are you REALLY feeling. What is actually coming up for you?

Asking yourself that question on a regular basis and being real with yourself is also a great start! 

Share with me in the comments below – How are you feeling right now? 

Kay <3


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