How to prioritise your mental health every day

how to prioritise mental health

Learning to prioritise my mental health has been and continues to be a journey. It seems easy to do when things are going okay, but when that’s not the case it can be more challenging. 

For me, having a morning routine is crucial: meditations, breathing exercises, journaling, tapping (EFT), and drinking celery juice to get my day started. 

Apart from that my main focus has currently been on basic self care – making sure I eat regularly, not letting my monkey mind run the show, finding things to be grateful for, and also finding things to take my mind off of what’s currently going on in my life (Netflix and actual chilling, drawing, spending time in nature, reading, giving Millie my cat more attention, listening to music, and looking at memes and cat videos which I always enjoy)!

The second reminder (pictured) is there because I know I often do forget to remind myself and others just how much I love and appreciate them – and it is so, so important to do that! 

I’d love to know: What is something you have done or will do for your mental health today (and every day)? 




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