Self Evolution Sessions

Self Evolution Sessions

I hope your New Year will be as bright as this @lucyandyak dungarees! But if it won’t be that’s okay too because life isn’t always perfect and that’s cool! We can get through whatever life throw at us!

This year presented itself with more challenges that I could’ve ever imagined. But also, with sooo many wonderful opportunities and amazing people.

I wanted to share with you something that I haven’t spoken about on here before. As someone who has been on a never-ending waiting lists for NHS therapy or getting the ‘wrong’, under qualified therapists I was forced to look else where this year. Which actually meant that at the lowest point of 2017 I sought out private therapy, and for the first few sessions it seemed to be helping. But soon after I realised that once again, this wasn’t a great match for me. I was really lost on what to do next. But I am a big believer that everything does happen for a reason. And of course what happened next made things so much clearer for me and why things had to work out the way they did.

I was approached by Chitter on Instagram and asked if I’d like to try out her Self Evolution sessions. By this point we both followed each others journeys on there for over a year and I deeply connected with her message and her inspiring posts.

So, I started to have Self Evolution sessions with Chiti in July 2017. I had no expectations whatsoever, I was just so grateful that someone was willing to offer their time to me.
Chitter has offered me a non judgemental space to share. And it seems like that was something I have never ever experienced before.

The only judgment I have experienced at our sessions is the one that came from me and my critical self, which in the past months has been a lot quieter and kinder to myself. By not judging me Chiti has been teaching me how I can be kind to myself just as much as I am to everyone else. It’s really powerful to have someone in your life who really does not judge you, it allows you to open up and become who you really are.

I have opened up a lot and cried so many times in our sessions and she has offered me nothing less than love and compassion. It’s definitely not been an easy ride because we have digged deep in some of those more painful issues. But I’ve been growing and learning so, so much!

My awareness has also been growing more than I ever thought was possible and I’ve been learning to finally use it to my advantage rather than to just over think and over worry about everything. I have been able to become so much more aware of those destructive cycles that were still very present in my life, like binge and emotional eating. I’ve been learning to forgive myself and the people who have hurt me the most.

I am so grateful for having such a beautiful soul in my life who has had my back every step of this journey. She accepts me exactly as I am and sees me as who I really am, not my traumas or triggers and anxieties. All those things and her unconditional love have helped and allowed me to embrace myself so much more and to just be me. And I can actually say that I’m more at peace with myself, my body that I have ever been before!
I am so incredibly grateful and humbled for all the support and love that @chitterlove  offers me.

Please, check out her profile and even DM her about some sessions if this feels right for you.

And never, ever forget that asking for help is not a weakness, is a sign of strength! And you’re worth getting help and having supportive people in your life.

Love, Kay <3


*This is not a sponsored post, I just adore Chitter and I feel like more people could benefit from following her, her journey and even having private sessions with her.

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