With every breakdown comes a breakthrough

breakdown becomes a breakthrough

Every single breakdown I have experienced has always led to a breakthrough, even if I didn’t realise it at the time. Those breakdowns have helped me to become a stronger version of myself, to TRUST more and to learn so much about myself and life along the way. 

When I created MHStories and started to talk about mental health more publicly my main purpose was to save people from hitting the rock bottom I’ve experienced. If only I could share what I’ve learned and what has helped me surely I could have helped people avoid the dark hole of mental health issues. 

It’s been over three years of shifting that kind of savior mindset. 

I became a coach to help people find their own inner strength, not to save them from anything. Rather to inspire/help/teach them some techniques that have helped and continue to help me and may be useful for them too as well as simply hold space for them and their feelings. 

But, I still found myself trying to save people, more specifically my friends and family (who have been more resistant to my help than strangers). 

I’m actually really grateful for that now because once again, it reminded me that I am not here to ‘save’ anyone!

Every single breakdown I have experienced always resolved in a breakthrough. 

I can’t save people from their breakdowns, because maybe that’s where they will learn and grow the most – like I did. 

What kind of breakthroughs have you experienced from breakdown moments in your life? 

Share with us in the comments! 

Kay <3 


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