There’s always something to be grateful for

there's always something to be grateful for

There’s always something to be grateful for! 

In a state of gratitude, anxiety cannot co-exist but that doesn’t necessarily meant it’s easy to switch from anxiety to gratitude.  I’ve had some beautiful moments where in the midst of pain and struggle, surrender and gratitude entered. I really felt the shift in my whole body. 

But usually it takes very conscious work to bring the state of gratitude into our lives. It only takes 17 seconds of thinking a thought to attract a thought that’s similar to it. That’s the Law of Attraction. 

The thing is that we are usually lost in the same, negative thought patterns so it has to take conscious effort, every single day to change these thoughts to ones that serve us. 

Gratitude is one of the best ways to do that. It’s something that has been an essential part of my own healing journey and now it feels more important than ever, yet it’s not always been easy for me. 

But, there is alway something I can be grateful for! I’m grateful for the home I live in, for how it keeps me warm and safe, especially during these crazy storms we’ve been experiencing lately! 

I’m grateful for the Medical Medium Anthony William’s information. Before I came across him, I tried so many things to help with autoimmune disease but only when I actually started applying his teachings did things really start to shift for me. I’m so grateful for that and for being on the road to healing. 

I’m grateful for Instagram and this blog for helping me to discover my voice and my purpose. And I’m so grateful for every single person I have had a chance to connect to because of it. 

I’m grateful for the incredible people I have in my life. I’m grateful for my cat, plants, rain, sunshine, music, comfortable clothes, colours, nature, and my bed! 

There’s so much abundance everywhere I look and it feels soooo good when I’m able to focus on that. 

Can you take a moment to think, feel, and write down in the comments what you are grateful for? 

Kay <3 


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