Be proud of your own growth

proud of your growth

What are you proud of yourself for?

My initial thoughts about things I could be proud of myself for this year went straight to the work and opportunities I’ve had, the things that I’ve ‘achieved,’ that in society’s eyes make me look like a successful entrepreneur. 

And yes, of course, I’m proud of those things, but they are also such fleeting things. 

What I’m most proud of is my own growth. The way I’ve sat with so many triggers bound to past traumas and allowed them to be, allowed myself to feel and release them, the way I still do this and don’t beat myself up for having triggers. 

Each challenge I face is an opening for more growth. I often dismiss how far I’ve come and the things I’ve already been through because I know there’s plentyyyyy more to overcome. 

But I also have to remind myself the importance of pausing and really just appreciating, giving myself a pat on the back. 

It’s been an incredibly challenging years for most parts, which also means there’s been sooo many lessons and so much growth. For that, I am so grateful. 

I’m learning now more than ever just how important it is to be able to prioritise myself, my growth, and my healing. I know and trust that when I’m able to do that more I’ll be able to do more of the things I’ve wanted to and help so many more people. 

At the end of the day, we gotta fill up on our own tank first! 

Journaling Q to go deeper: 

What are you most proud of yourself for? 

Kay <3 


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