How I learned to appreciate my body while living with chronic illness

Appreciate my body with chronic illness

It’s safe to say there are better and worse days of how much I’m willing to accept this current body of mine. Sometimes it still takes me almost by surprise like, “whoa, this is what I look like now!?”

As my physical healing continues, following the guidance of Medical Medium (that I’m so very grateful for), I try to make sure momental healing continues as well. 

I have so many stuck emotions in my body. The pain, fear, traumas, and things I’ve dissociated from that manifested into dis-ease. 

I can recall from a very young age the sickly feeling of not feeling safe in my body. The many years of abusing it didn’t help this feeling. I took my body and my health for granted. I didn’t take good care of it, and I felt invincible because I was young and relatively healthy…until I wasn’t. 

I still get sad when I’m not able to move/do things that I was able to even six months ago. But of course, every challenge brings about so much growth and lessons learned. Even now, when I get frustrated and impatient with the process I have to make sure I pause and appreciate how much more I’m able to do than when the flare up first happened. And how much my body is doing FOR me, every single day. 

I’m learning to be gentle with my body. 

I nourish it with healing foods. 

I’m learning to lean into the discomfort of movement again to release some of this stuck energy (without overwhelming my adrenals like I used to do in the past). 

I’m getting better at still taking care of myself and my body during more stressful times. 

I prioritise rest and listening to my body over getting things done. 

Overall, I’m learning to be kinder to myself and my body

I acknowledge that it’s all a process, and I’m learning to trust it more and have more patience and acceptance of where I am now. 

Journaling Q’s to go deeper: 

If you’ve ever taken your body for granted, what can you do now to make up for it? 

How can you appreciate your body more today? 

What can you do to nourish it?

Kay <3 


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