How’s your mind?

hows your mind

Just pause for a minute. Breathe in and out. Notice, how is your mind today? 
And let me know in the comments below, in one word, three or in a paragraph, whatever feeels right to you!

Checking in with ourselves on a regular basis is one of the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our mental health. Not just looking out on the surface, but reallly tuning in, what is going on there?

This seemingly simple, yet important question is how I often break down any uncomfortable and overwhelming feels. Acknowledging that yeah, actually my mind may feel pretty tired or scattered today, which overall makes this monkey mind to be more anxious, emotional or overwhelmed. 
It’s because of that acknowledgment, that awareness I can then look at the things that can help to improve how I feel. 
Or if the mind feels particularly good, I take a moment or two to really appreciate that. Those moments are more regular now, but I wouldn’t have been able to appreciate them as much as I do if not of those more uncomfortable time.


hows your mind tee

I have designed this simple,

yet powerful design which is out NOW!

How’s Your Mind Today can be used as

a mental health conversation started.

Or just as a checking in moment for ourselves.

The tee is of course ethically made from 100% organic cotton

and printed in the UK in a

renewable energy powered factory.


Kay. <3 


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