Autumn survival guide

Autumn survival guide

Autumn is officially here! And with that so is my tendency towards hibernation!

For someone whose mental health can deteriorate around this season and throughout winter, every year I try to make so much effort to keep myself from spiralling down.

This time around I’m actually working on some exciting projects and I’m exploring more of the topics and issues that actually matter to me like cruelty-free/sustainable/ethical lifestyle, fashion, vegan brands and soo much more. I want to do so much more and no let this seasonal depression get better of me.

Last year I wrote a Winter Survival Guide and as much I wanted to help other people who were struggling throughout this period, it was really helpful for me to write those things to remind myself them.

Here’s my little Autumn Survival Guide to help me keep out of the autumnal blues.

Don’t hate, appreciate – In the past, I spent months complaining and talking about how much I miss the summer days. But no more of that! Summer is my favourite season but I’m learning to appreciate this time of the year too and the good things it has to offer. Appreciating the way nature changes, the beautiful colours of autumn, big jumpers, rainy days, the mustard yellow jumpers you wouldn’t wear at any other season, hot chocolate, the crisp cold air, the cosy feel to everything!

Explore, express, create – Starting off with aiming to be more regular with posting on here! I’ve updated my theme, I have more than three filled notebooks with potential posts and hard drive filled with photography, so you could say I’m ready for creating so much more content! Expressing myself through writing and photography is my favourite and it’s so therapeutic. And I’m not doing much of that on here I sure am on my Instagram.

Try out new things – I’ve been trying to add more colours into my life. I’ve not been big on makeup purely because of having the most sensitive skin that gets irritated by most products. But I’m trying to go round that and experiment with what I can actually use like lipsticks and nail varnishes. So far I’m absolutely obsessed with anything in burgundy shade (typical I know).

Get out as much as you can – One thing that I struggle the most, especially at this time of the year. It’s so much more appealing to stay inside, snuggle up in a big jumper and under a blanket, but unfortunately, that’s not how the magic happens (not for me anyway). Especially, as I am still recovering from agoraphobia, spending time outside is absolutely crucial for me. Every time I force myself to get out, even just for a few minutes, it leaves me feeling so much calmer, refreshed and just better overall. Fresh air can really do wonders!

and last, but not least

Don’t expect too much from yourself – As I really do try hard to keep myself from completely hibernating at this time, I realise that things can be a lot more challenging. Rather than putting a lot of pressure on myself to keep things together, expecting less and being kinder to me is more needed. I can’t completely avoid and prevent myself from feeling down – but that’s okay!

We can always just try to do our best.

Did I mention that Millie’s a professional model now? ;P


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