Your size does not define your worth

Your size does not define your worth

Your size does not define your worth:

I grew up thinking that my size defines my worth, and the environment I grew up in confirmed that to me. 

I remember being introduced to the diet culture when I was ten and I thought the only way you could ever have friends and people like you is if you are skinny. The sense of approval and the applaud I got from others whenever I lost weight always seemed so strange, yet so weirdly satisfying. 

It always felt like people treated me differently depending on my size. Or maybe I just felt like I was more accepted in the society with an average sized body. 

It’s taken a lot of unlearning to realise that actually no matter my size, my worth does not change and my size does not define it. 

Even as I write this though I can still feel some resistance. I’m aware of it and I’m actively working through it. Some days are easier than others. 

It’s important to realise that we live in a society that profits from our insecurities. Most of us were literally programmed by society to dislike our ‘imperfections’ and were told we had to mask them. Because of that we often forget how incredible our bodies are and how much they are doing FOR us, regardless of their size. 

They deserve our love and kindness. 

Journaling Q for you: 

“How can you be kinder to yourself and your body today?” 

If you feel comfortable to share, I’d love to see your response in the comments below! 

Kay <3 


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