Everything is always happening FOR me

everything is always happening for me

Everything is always happening FOR me. 

This has been one of my main mantras over the last few months. It’s helped me shift my perspective on the worst days during this flare up. When I realised I had to take time off work and I had no ideas what that would mean for my business or financial situation, I struggled and resisted it. Finally I was able to lean into trusting, even a little bit. 

Sometimes the plan that we have is not the same as God’s/Universe’s plan for us. Sometimes we have to surrender time and time again to realise that. 

Coming back to work in the last few weeks has given me more clarity about what I’m doing and my path. Still having to prioritise my health as it really is the most important thing and I’m actually okay with making more time for it now! 

Officially launching my Social Media, Business, and Mindset Coaching is something I’m so excited about! 

A few months ago there were times where I couldn’t see my life getting better from the flare up. But I had and still have to keep reminding myself that this is all happening for me. It’s made me so much stronger and has helped me grow so much. 

I am now more okay with asking for help when I need it. I now appreciate my body in such different ways, and I’m not taking it for granted

It can be so easy to feel like we are a victim of our own story. But what if we can turn the victim mindset around and acknowledge the countless blessings all around us? What if we can be empowered by our stories? 

What if the things we labelled as the ‘worst’ things in our lives actually happened for our highest good? We can ask ourselves, ‘What can I learn from this? How can this serve me?’

At the end of the day, we don’t learn or grow half as much when everything is going super smoothly and easy. The bumps on the road of life help us become who we were always meant to be. 

Whatever you are currently going through, are you able to find any positives about the situation? Any lessons that you’ve been learning thanks to the challenge? 

I would love to know.  Share below and let’s and support one another in the comments! 

Kay <3 


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