Feeling your feelings is healing

Kay - feeling is healing

Feeling your feelings is healing!

Hi, I’m Kay and I cry a lot. 

But you probably already know that if you’ve been here for a little while. It’s been really important for me to make this space an authentic one and with that sharing the ups and downs of this healing process. 

The truth is that I’ve always felt a lot. For most of my life I was convinced it was a really bad thing, so I stuffed my feelings down, numbed them and disassociated myself from them. 

Honestly, I had no idea how to even deal with my feels!

Now, I have so many amazing tools in my wellness toolbox that help me deal with them and manage my mental health. 

That doesn’t necessarily instantly solve them though. Because the only way we can actually heal is through FEELING whatever comes up for us without pushing them down. 

Feeling the feels.
Allowing them to be.
Reminding ourselves how temporary they really are. 

It’s not the easiest thing to do, though. Feeling so much can be incredibly exhausting. I still find myself apologising for feeling so much. There’s still a part of me who judges myself for this, who thinks I’m weak. 

It can feel incredibly lonely and isolating at times! 

I have to remind myself often that I can be both a strong, independent woman and also feel a lot. 

I spent so much of my life running away from myself, now really is a beautiful time that I’m actually CHOOSING to tend more inward. 

Knowing my value doesn’t diminish because of how much sobbing I’ve done that day. Sure, that make make me feel a bit more fragile but that’s what healing feels like at times. It’s super vulnerable to be constantly shedding these old layers. 

But, I know it’s all worth it. 

You know why? 

Because I can feel just how transformative this process has already been. Because I can feel a deep sense of peace even when life around me is so chaotic. Because I still/cry/dance/meditate/journal through it and I get to the other side where there’s so much more gratitude, joy, and love for life and this journey. 

Our triggers and emotions really are our biggest teachers. Don’t turn away from them. Turn towards the pain without resisting it and realise that all it needs is more of your love, compassion, and understanding. Through that is how you heal. 

Kay <3 


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