How I started my body acceptance journey

body acceptance Kay

My body acceptance journey really started on my yoga mat. I went from having a very destructive mindset around exercising and only ever moving my body because I desperately wanted to look different and be thinner to eventually finding more acceptance of the way my body looked. This acceptance came  through yoga practices (and therapy, journaling, mediation of course :)). 

Any physical movement I used to do I practiced it in front of a mirror. That was my way of ‘motivating’ myself by picking apart every ‘flaw’, stomach roll, stretch mark, ‘too much’ this, or ‘too little’ of that. 

That was until I started practicing yoga in front of the mirror. I actually began to notice the negative self talk I was so used to. With the awareness of it I was able to address it, and through a very slow and patient process I began changing my inner dialogue. 

I began to judge less parts of my body that I despised. I developed more of an appreciation for my body and everything it does for me on a daily basis (literally keeps me alive)! Rather than picking apart what I didn’t like about myself or my body I began to look for things I was okay with and started to appreciate and embrace them a lot more. This was just the beginning of my journey of coming home to mySelf. 

Most of the time body image issues have very little to do with our bodies and a lot more with any underlying mental health issues and/or traumas. This was certainly the case for me and most of the client’s I’ve worked with. 

This is also why addressing our self-worth is so important. Acknowledging and appreciating all of the things we like about ourselves that have NOTHING to do with our bodies. Acknowledging our worth, no matter what our bodies look like! 

If you do anything today, just be a little bit kinder to yourself and to your body. You deserve it! 

I would love to hear what are some kind things you do for yourself, your mind, and body? Or things you might want to do more of? 

Kay <3 


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