It’s all a blessing

It's all a blessing quote

Sometimes, it might feel like the clouds in our life are covering our sunshine. But, what if we were able to appreciate the clouds as much as the sunshine (that’s actually always behind the clouds, never completely gone)? 

This quote that my incredible friend and mentor Chitter often reminds me of – “it’s allll a blessing” always helps me to find more of a grateful outlook to every situation and seeming challenge. 

It helps to shift my mindset from fearful to more appreciative one. From wishing things would be different, to actually appreciating how things are now and where I am right now. 

For me, there have been sooo man different situations and challenges that might have felt like the world was ending, that actually turned out to be blessings! Things like traumas I’ve been through have helped me to become more compassionate and empathic person and are my drive for my own healing and for helping others. 

The lowest point of my life was when I created MH Stories which has and continues to be a wonderful blessing! Any health scares I or people close to me have experienced have been nudges to help me start paying more attention to both physical and mental health. 

I could really go on and on telling you about the things I labeled as “bad” at first, that actually were incredible blessings that now I am so grateful for! 

Sometimes what we see as challenges are actually blessings in disguise helping us to learn, grow, and heal. 

What is something in your life that have maybe surprisingly turned out to be a blessing? 

Kay <3


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