Coming out

Coming out

I came out as bi last year, but have been coming out to myself for yearssss before that.

I can talk to you about mental health, traumas and all kinds of vulnerabilities. But yet talking about my sexuality feels kind of weird?
Like, do we reallllly have to have this conversation? Do I really have to tell 50k+ of you my sexual preferences?

The short answer is no, of course, I don’t need to. But, time and time again I see just how much sharing our own stories has the power not to only heal ourselves, but the people who read those stories.

Reading other people’s stories about being bisexual has helped me come out. And that’s been such an essential part of my Self Love/Acceptance journey.

You don’t need to feel like you need to come out to anyone but yourself. But, I do also know just how challenging that can be.

Some things that really have helped me to get my head around bisexuality before I came out:

– You don’t have to like men, women and gender-nonconforming people equally.

– You can be monogamous and still bisexual.

– Dating mostly people of your opposite sex doesn’t delegitimise your bisexuality.

– Taking longer to realise you are attracted to the same sex doesn’t make you less bi. If anything, it means you grew up in a culture where heterosexuality is the default.

– You do not have to justify your bisexuality to anyone, ever!



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