I am such a sucker for the little things. That’s why when I was finding these little reminders around the house that my mum left, they left me feeling so incredibly emotional and so grateful.

These are the kind of things that in times of anxiety and overwhelm I often forget.

Such a simple reminder, yet I know for me and anyone else who has ever struggled/struggles with anxiety it is such an important one. Whenever anxiety creeps in I can feel my body tenses up and my breath becomes more shallow.
The fight or flight response isn’t fun. But what can really help it is BREATHING. Not necessarily deep. Just conscious breathes, in and out.

Trusting something greater than me has been a powerful and really needed thing in my own recovery. Something I very much overlooked before.
Believing that the Universe has always got my back. Trusting myself and this process (even when it feels uncomfortable) helps to decrease the anxiety and it really grounds me.

“Only love is real, everything else is an illusion.”
Did you know that Fear and Love cannot coexist? You have the choice which one you choose. For the majority of my life, I chose fear. But, now, I’ve become so much more aware of those patterns and every time fear wants to creep I make conscious effort to choose Love more often now.
Unconditional love is a powerful healing tool.✨

I would love to hear about the reminders you would choose for yourself, what three words would they be?


Kay <3

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