My relationship with food

My relationship with food

For someone who has struggled with eating disorders and body dysmorphia for the majority of her life, I’m so happy to be able to actually have a more mindful relationship with food now!

Changing my relationship with food was probably one of the biggest and most important things in my own recovery (and most challenging one too!).

Actually viewing foods as essential fuel for my body, choosing more of foods that nourish my mind AND body. Letting go of the guilt (or shame when binge eating) I had previously attached to eating.

Rejecting the diet mentality and any of the labels it puts on different foods. Listening to my body, honouring hunger just as much as honouring fullness.

The recovery process is full of growing and learning. And reminding ourselves to be kind to ourselves through EVERY single step of it.

We are always ENOUGH, exactly as we are, RIGHT NOW.


Kay <3

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