A victimised mindset

A victimised mindset

Sometimes we have to feel so sick of our own shit to actually start making positive changes.

Are you sick of your own shit yet? Are you sick of sabotaging your own growth? Or maybe you are assuming that EVERYONE else’s life is much better than yours?

I know that for me only thanks to the super shitty times I’m able to actually feel so much joy and appreciation for my life now.

I’ve been able to find the gratitude and forgiveness for the physical, emotional and sexual abuse I’ve experienced. I’ve been to very dark places, that’s why I’m able to appreciate the light so much more!

I stopped feeling like the victim of my own life, stopped feeling sorry for myself and instead started to take charge of them now! Not fixating on the past, and instead focusing more on growing and making my future better. One day at a time.

You have the choice, the POWER to change your life for better!


Kay <3

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