You are not your thoughts

You are not your thoughts

It’s a part of the human experience to have a monkey mind that can feel very untamed. We all have those ‘horrible’ thoughts, some might call negative, intrusive thoughts, the monkey mind going wild or simply the conditioned mind aka the ego.

There are still times for me when the thoughts in my head scare me. I honestly didn’t even think that was much of an issue to me until last year where those ‘intrusive’ thoughts felt as if they were running the show and leaving me crippled with anxiety.

I try to look at those times when things felt really challenging and ask what they were here to teach me. And I know this untamed monkey mind has always been teaching me to be more mindful.
And if I ever think I got it figured out life throws in more challenges to remind me where I really need to put my attention.
– The mindfulness practice, that’s an ongoing process.
– Prioritising my own mental health/self-care.
– Having a regular morning meditation practice. As well as practising EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping).
– Remembering to practise mindfulness throughout the day.
– Taking time off from social media/my phone. To really just be more present for myself, and for any feels that might come up when there are not as many distractions (social media can be a huge distraction I realised).

“What a liberation to realise that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that. The awareness that is prior to thought, the space in which the thought – or the emotion of sense perception happens.”- Eckhart Tolle (New Earth 📖)

**Everytime I started writing this post more intrusive thoughts have come up, with all the reasons why this post is irrelevant and that I still don’t have ‘control’ over those thoughts, so I shouldn’t write about that (which is okay, I don’t need to have control over them, just observe them for what they are, fleeting like clouds in the sky – and still post the damn post that’s been in my drafts for weeks).

What are the things that help you quiet that monkey mind?🙏🏻

Kay <3

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