Physical healing: medical medium

Physical healing: medical medium

Never did I imagine I could’ve been THIS EXCITED about such a huge stalk of celery!

I haven’t spoken much about physical health here. For most of it because I never classified myself as someone who really struggled with it, or not struggled ‘bad enough’ with it.

But, I know that our physical health can be affected by our mental health and the other way round & it’s also not enough to just look after our physical health without addressing our mental health.

Through reading @medicalmedium (Instagram) books I have discovered that I’ve actually been struggling with more physical issues that I was aware of like EBV, adrenal issues, streptococcus & some things that I was already aware of that have made more sense to me now like eczema, PMS, acne, heart palpitations, IBS & chemical and food sensitivities.

Honestly, I always knew that my food choices could’ve been much better for healing those things. But, I was just enjoying my non-eating disorder mindset, being able to eat anything I like without feeling guilty/shame or restricting.

Eventually, I started to become more aware of how the food actually made me feel, is it fuelling my mind and body?
& honestly, mostly it was not. Not only have I started to struggle with more skin issues. For the majority of the time, I’d look like I was at least 4 months pregnant.

I’ve been able to accept that that’s what my body does, it bloats and I don’t hate it or try to sweat it out. But, it is far from comfortable!! Often times would leave me with heartburn & feeling extra lethargic.

I realised that no amount of self-love or self-acceptance will stop this constant inflammation if I don’t actually address my gut/liver/physical health.

After having all of those realisation+a family member health scare, I am now more excited than ever about looking after my physical health, learning about nutrition and healing foods.

Starting off with celery juice every morning. I very gradually introduced to my morning routine. I was already able to see the positive difference it made to my digestive system within a week! & now, my acid reflux is COMPLETELY GONE!!

We have more power than we realise to heal our minds and body!🙏🏻💖

Kay <3

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