The importance of taking care of our Inner Child


Why is it so important to take care of our inner child?

Often times, we experience the most of our traumas in our childhood and for most of us we might not even realise they were traumas until we find ourselves crippled with anxiety or depression over a decade/s later.

This is why it’s so important to regularly ask- “How is my inner child feeling today?”
Whenever I forget to ask myself that question I often feel my inner child feeling quite left out, scared and generally not so good.
I have also realised just how much some triggers that I still experience now are actually attached to how I experienced things as a kiddo. 
There are time when the fight or flight response makes me feel as if I want to run away, hide or disappear – I realised that could be what my inner child is actually feeling and what I was feeling as a kid who experienced traumas.

I’m also more aware of noticing myself running more stressed out, being in the constant rush – leaving me feeling more depressed and overwhelmed, and my inner child crying out for some time out!

This is something I’ve been a lot more mindful of recently and trying to pay more attention to my inner child.

Probably the most important thing I realised was the lack of PLAYTIME. Taking some time off from the adult responsibilities and more time for laughter, more lightheartedness and silliness! Which always leaves me feeling soooo much better (even when I don’t have ‘time’ for it – it’s really worth it). Even if that’s just watching some funny videos on YouTube, more playtime with Millie, laughing at myself more, dancing, singing or getting more creative!

What is your inner child craving?🧁✨


Kay. <3


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