Plastic-free periods/lifestyle

Plastic-free periods/lifestyle

I’ve been thinking a lot about my plastic consumption lately, and how much it has decreased over the last few years. But, also how overwhelming it was for me at the start of shifting my lifestyle to a more vegan, cruelty/plastic-free one. I over consumed myself with documentaries and loads of research. It was A LOT to take in.

For me, my first priority was to replace the products I used that weren’t vegan/cruelty-free. And it was so shocking to find out just HOW MANY brands did not fit into that category😫!!
Then, when I got more comfortable with that change I started to pay more attention to the packaging of the products. Trying to find vegan/cruelty-free products that don’t come in plastic packaging, within a small budget hasn’t always been the easiest. And I’m still learning and always looking for new, affordable brands that fit the bill.

Then, the time came to address the products I use every month while I bleed and hibernate from the world.
Did you know that most menstrual products contain plastic? This means they pollute our environment more than I even realised and aren’t so great for the yoni either😬!
Reusable pads, period underwear and menstrual cups have become so much more popular now. But, the change can still be scary. I feel that!

This is why it’s so important to be extra kind towards yourself throughout this process.
Any effort counts.
‘Small’ steps can make a huge difference!

Judging yourself for where you are it’s not going to make change any easier.
Being kinder towards yourself & patient with yourself and this process might help a lot more😊🙏🏻

What are your tips/advice for someone who’s trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle?🌱

Kay <3

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