Fast fashion

Fast fashion

There was always a part of me that thought there was something fishy about the fast fashion industry. And after doing plenty of research on this topic, watching different documentaries (best one had to be The True Cost) I was left feeling pretty overwhelmed by the effect fast fashion has on our planet, our people and animals!⁣

It blows my mind that so many people are talking about the effects of global warming but do nothing about the CAUSES of it or don’t even know anything about them to start off with.⁣

🧥 Fast fashion focuses on speed and low costs in order to deliver frequent new collections (at least 52 collections during a year!!!?!) aka more clothes than we need! ⁣
👚 The fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. After agriculture, textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water GLOBALLY. ⁣
👖 It has a significant negative environmental impact, water pollution, plastic pollution (due to the microfibres washing out of synthetic clothes and polluting our rivers & oceans), the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste – over 300,000 tonnes of clothing are dumped in the landfill every year😩!!⁣

I know how overwhelming it can be to change your lifestyle, but you don’t need to do it overnight! Becoming aware that this IS an issue and it needs to be addressed is the first step towards change.⁣

⁣ 🌱Alternatives to fast fashion: ⁣
– Take care of what you already own! Wear it out, fix it, up-cycle.⁣
– Rather than giving clothes away to a charity shop (over 90% of clothing donations end up in the landfills!) – swap clothes with your friends, family, or put them on eBay or Depop.⁣
– If you need to buy clothing try to get them second hand from eBay, Depop or charity shops.⁣
– If you really want to buy something new, try to choose from the ethical/sustainable brands – who make sure the people that make your clothes have a good, safe environment to work in and get paid fairly. And even better when the fabrics they use are sustainable, organic or recyclable!⁣

And remember, you have a CHOICE.⁣
Your CHOICE makes a difference.⁣
Choose consciously.⁣⁣

Kay <3

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