Cosy nights + Love Your Lady Landscape

Cosy nights + Love Your Lady Landscape

10th February 17

dsc_0041Tonight I had a super cosy, chilled evening with lots of hot chocolate and mango (perfectly normal combo, right?). Before I get talking about this book. I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate nights like these where anxiety doesn’t overtake me, where I can honestly chill out and feel super content with myself and my life. I really, really, really appreciate times like that!


So, Love Your Lady Landscape, written by the wonderful Lisa Lister.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this book. Maybe just a few tips on how to deal with PMS and with having allllllll the feels.

But it’s been so much more than that! It’s been an incredible, eye-opening experience. It’s a book full of womb wisdom, stuff that women knew for thousands of years. A knowledge that has sadly been taken from us in the patriarchal society we live in. A knowledge of our own power.

Most women grow up believing that our menstrual cycle and everything that comes with it is a taboo topic ( I know I did).  Even my last therapist (the not very ‘compatible’ with me one) told me that PMS is not an excuse for me to be doing less and for my anxiety and emotions to be so overwhelming. She said that she has it every month too and “you just have to get on with life, normally”, that is exactly what most of us grow up believing. That is also exactly why so many of us struggle with really painful periods, PMS and other painful lady issues. We are NOT supposed “just get on with it”! Even though that can be really hard in these days. We are supposed to tune in, listen, become aware of what’s going on in our bodies. And learn to trust ourselves.

You have everything you need within you already. You are love, you are lovable and you are loved.

Value your vagina.

Write your own story.

Root to rise.

Honour and recognise your power. You’ve got this!

Ladies, do yourself a favour and get this book!


Love, Kay <3


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