Recovery process: a blossoming sunflower

Recovery process: a blossoming sunflower

Have you ever seen sunflower grow?
I’m super grateful to have been watching quite a few of them growing in our back garden this year. And let me tellll ya, they take their blooody time!

BUT, look at their stem! It’s one of the thickest ones you’ll see in flowers. And that’s for a good reason, right? Building that solid foundation to be able to hold themselves up and grow talll!

That’s kind of what I think about the recovery process, we are building our own foundations, that will help us to stand tall in this world of chaos.
We might not have yet (or feel like we haven’t) fully blossomed, but we are working hard nonetheless!

Every time I feel fed up and impatient with this whole process, I try to remind myself how far I’ve already come and how strong my foundation already is. And it’s only getting stronger.

Some blooming processes take more time than others. Be patient with YOUrself and your own journey.

PS. I always love finding creative things I can do that don’t involve me being glued to my laptop or phone, so yup, this is from my art journal!


Kay <3

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