Sexual abuse and shame

Sexual abuse and shame

I often remind my clients of the importance of releasing any kind of uncomfortable emotions we might be storing inside of us, especially ones like shame.⁣
Shame can be a sneaky little thing, that can eat us up inside if not expressed.⁣

So, I’m here, dropping into feeling the shame. I talk about the healing process as “peeling the onion”, constantly unpeeling it. And this is just another layer of it.⁣

I’ve been able to do Tapping (aka Emotional Freedom Technique) around the sexual abuse I’ve experienced. It’s not something I was actually able to properly do before, I used to ‘feel‘ numb thinking about it. But, I knew once I started to feel more and the flashbacks came flooding back (always the fun part, eh🤮) it set me off on another unpeeling trauma process.⁣

All of the shame got brought out. How did I allow this to happen to me? Why didn’t I know any better then? ⁣
It can feel so overwhelming to look back at things from the point where I am now. Knowing what I now know. But I didn’t know then.⁣

Tuning in and realising that all I ever wanted was validation and just to be loved.⁣

The hardest thing about being in an abusive relationship was walking away from it.⁣
It was easier to feel unworthy. Then to actually work on myself, my self-esteem and my own worth, to eventually feel like I don’t need to go back there.⁣

These feelings of shame, have brought up areas in my life that I still feel like I let my boundaries be crossed. That there still is that wounded part of me needing validation. And that there still is more healing to be done.⁣

And, I’m okay with feeling through these uncomfortable feels, because I know what’s on the other side of that🙏🏻. #growth ⁣

To all my babes who have experienced sexual/physical/emotional abuse – You are stronger than you realise. You have conquered so much more than you give yourself the credit for. Healing takes time, be patient with yourself through this process.
All the feels might feel scary, but they are an important and beautiful part of this process. You are worthy of love. Your feelings are valid. And you are loved, simply for being YOUrself.🌸⁣

Kay <3

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  1. / 10:29 pm

    Wow Kay you are brave to share your store. As a man I am shock that men take such a precise thing from the innocent.
    Remember take time for yourself to heal, as you know it takes time.
    Hugs my friend.

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