Are we drowning in trash?

Are we drowning in trash?

I love to take walk breaks in between sessions. But, today I was excited to go and pick up the plastic bag I saw on the other side of my street. And thought I would just do a quick round on my street checking for any other litter – HALF AN HOUR later, I returned with a bag full of trash!!!⁣⁣⁣
Honestly, I was not expecting that. I literallllly only (just about) covered my street, in the spare half an hour that I had!⁣⁣

We hear a lot more about the planet drowning in plastic and trash but I don’t think we even realise to what extent this is a real issue! I certainly didn’t, before educating myself & actually looking out for trash.⁣
I don’t think many of us actually realise how damaging littering can be to our oceans, the animals and to our planet! I don’t live too far from the sea and it breaks my heart thinking about all of this rubbish quite easily being able to end up there!⁣⁣⁣
But, most of us don’t really think about that, it’s more like: “Why should I be cleaning SOMEBODY else’s rubbish?” or “This isn’t really such a ‘cool’ thing to do?”.⁣⁣⁣
I guess at this point this rubbish is literally polluting our world, YOUR world. If you think about the Earth as your home (which it is😉)? And if you have rubbish inside your house you would pick them up? The same goes to when you’re out and about!! Imagine if every person would do that!? We wouldn’t need these kinds of conversations! But, right now, we do.⁣⁣⁣
So, I’m here, trying to make a teeny, tiny bit of difference to this. My aim is to clean up my street and the ones around me more regularly (aiming for at least half an hour, at least once a week)⁣⁣. I think it’s important to start making the changes wherever we are, it might start from your garden to your street, to then further out. Small steps really do matter!⁣
Wanna join me?😊⁣⁣ What can you do today/this week to make this world less trashy?😃⁣

I’ve been incredibly inspired by @plantpoweredtravel (Instagram) and all of the work he’s doing with @purecleanearth (Instagram)! Make sure to check both of these accounts out and get inspired!😊🙏🏻✨ #BEthechange

Kay <3

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