Body acceptance

Body acceptance

20th June 17

DSC_0056.JPGHere’s to the first summer (since being a kid) of no long sleeves and tights to cover up my body!
Your summer body is READY, right this second!

I cannot even stress to you how this body acceptance movement has changed my life.
I didn’t wake up one day just fully accepting myself, my body. I still have days where I can barely look at myself.
But what I know for sure is that allll the work I have been doing on myself, my recovery brought me here. And I’m freaking happy!!

I’m happy that no matter what challenges I face, I go through them and come out on the other side, stronger than ever.
I’m happy knowing that even though there are still things i struggle with, my mental health issues that still affect my every day life I know that I am and will learn how to live with them, face them, and overcome them!
As for now, I’m still in the pre-birthday reflective stage and I’m just really proud of my journey so far. I’m proud of myself for overcoming so many things already.

This year, for the first time I could not give a single fuck about my bruises (I bruise like a bloody peach!!), cellulite, stretch marks. Not trying to frantically change any parts of my body as the summer has approached feels pretty damn goooood!!

No matter what your body looks like, you are SO worthy of self-love, exactly as you are!

Our bodies are our homes for our wonderful souls. They keep us alive. And they really deserve our love.
No matter what society tells us, they are beautiful, perfect just the way they are!!




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  1. Veronica Stout
    / 12:29 pm

    I am 65 and 200 lbs. hate to exercise and love to eat. how can I love this body?

    • kayska1
      / 1:30 pm

      How do you feel? What makes you feel good? Notice, how overeating makes you feel. Also, exercising shouldn’t be a punishment. When we learn to love ourselves we have to learn what feels good/nourishes us and our bodies. When I started to pay more attention how eating makes me feel/what makes me feel more lethargic and slowly changed that eventually I developed to have so much more energy that I have to take it out somehow! Whether it’ll be through yoga, dancing or a proper workout (which I don’t really do often). I hope that helps a little. Just remember that you deserve loveđź’–

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