Liver rescue: medical medium

Liver rescue: medical medium

One of the most life-changing books I’ve ever read. Liver Rescue by @medicalmedium (Instagram) – a book that I didn’t even consider as something that could really help me.
I purchased this book thinking I could maybe learn a few things from it and help someone else. Only through reading it I actually realised just how much I NEEDED to help myself too (which, honestly was harder to acknowledge).
Being in my twenties, I thought my liver would be in pretty good condition.

And how wrong was I? Through reading @medicalmedium (Instagram) books I have discovered that I’ve actually been struggling with more physical issues that I was aware of like EBV, adrenal issues, streptococcus & some things that I was already aware of that have made more sense to me like eczema, anemia, acid reflux, PMS, acne, anxiety, SAD, heart palpitations, IBS & chemical and food sensitivities. All those things have also been linked to a sluggish liver!? Even a few months ago my food sensitivities kept growing what felt like with each day. Eventually, I was just eating more processed foods that felt like filling up the hunger but sure, didn’t leave me to feel great or most energetic.
I think I’m able to see just how much I was struggling then because of the contrast I do have now.

It’s been three months since I’ve started drinking celery juice every morning & I’ve just completed the Liver Rescue 3:6:9 Cleanse.
I appreciate so much the information I now have thanks to @medicalmedium (Instagram) & the body that feels so much better and guess what it’s not as intolerant to all the foods as it was, even just a few months ago!! My digestion has been better than ever, I don’t get as extremely bloated as I used too. My acid reflux has completely gone! My eczema has cleared up too! & I’ve also been able to lower my meds for anemia by more than half!
I’ve also developed more of an appreciation for my body, my liver and how much it’s doing for me EVERY SINGLE DAY!

We spend most of our lives hating our bodies, the way they look, trying to change every single thing about them, but what if we could find more moments to just APPRECIATE what these incredible organs are doing for us & take better care of them??!🙏🏻

Kay <3

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