8th September 16

So I guess we now know that I might show a little bit of my skin every now and then.
This, however, does not mean that I’m super confident or even accept/like my body.
I grew up hating my body and everything about myself. I struggled a lot with body dysmorphia and eating disorders.

I went so long not being able to even look at myself in the mirror.
Every time I did look at myself or even a picture of myself I would only see and dwell on the things that I hated, parts of my body that I wanted to change.
The reason I’m saying all this is because I’m in a such a better place now! It took me such a long time to get here. I’ve been learning, getting knocked down and getting back up every single time.

I’ve been able to look at myself and appreciate my body. Not wanting to change every single thing about it feels amazing!
It’s still a learning progress though.
But it’s my body, it’s gone through a lot and I don’t want to take out any negativity on it anymore.

dsc_0423a*I got a lovely bralette today. Due to a lot of
weight gain and loss, and hormones over the years, my boobs became a part of my body that I grew to be ashamed of.
Even a few months ago I would rather do anything else but to wear something like that. But here I am now🙌💁

I’m just trying to accept, embrace myself and my body. Doing that the best way I can and the way it works for me.💕

Love, Kay <3


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  1. / 9:11 pm

    After reading your blog i come to realize i went through the same negative emotions.
    I class myself as broken the abuse i had as a child was horrific. I dont know but it looks your have been traumatised in some way just guessing. If that was your photo in lace you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of believe me.
    You take care i can see you are a strong person. Facing your bad emotions. Glad you are now kind to yourself i am fighting to like myself also because i do hate myself i have done some really anti social stuff lost alot of friends to.
    Hope to chat one day Kay all the best hope you get this as i tried once 😊

  2. / 6:40 am

    I’m so pleased to hear that your relationship with your body is getting better, and I’m pleased that you have got yourself a new bralette – don’t let your negative thoughts keep you from doing what you want, I’m sure you look fab!

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