How to embrace your body

Embrace your body

How to embrace your body and be more kind to it:

This is your reminder to embrace your squish!

I began my journey of embracing my squishiness when I was a size 14/16, because I realised that even though I wanted to change the way I looked, I first needed to find the acceptance and appreciation for my body the way it was. 

It doesn’t matter how you feel about your body right now -whether you wish it looked different (bigger this, smaller that) – your body deserves your love, right now, exactly as it is NOW. 

Not after you gain more muscle or lose more weight but right now! Your body is already enough. 

Some things that you can do to be a little bit more kinder to yourself and your body today: 

  • Start paying attention to what/who you follow on social media. Do these accounts inspire you or do you often find yourself comparing to them or feeling insecure? Remember, you are in control of your social media experience. Choose one that feels good to you!
  • Pick one or two positive affirmations that don’t feel too overwhelming or hard to believe (e.g. “I am already good enough. I deserve to be kind to myself. I am worthy.”) Repeat them to yourself often. Write them somewhere you can see them or set them as reminders on your phone. 
  • Aim for body acceptance, accepting the body you’re in, being neutral about the way it looks. Rather than criticising it, find gratitude for all of the incredible things your body allows you to do. 
  • Acknowledge all of the things you’ve been able to accomplish that have had nothing to do with the way your body looked. 
  • Give yourself a big hug every single day! Remind yourself that you deserve to be kind to yourself and your body every single day! 

These steps above are only some of the things that you have personally helped me on my journey to Body Acceptance. As with any new habit it’s important to start taking small, positive steps towards it. 

I’d love to know: What is something that you can start doing for yourself and your body today? 

Kay <3


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