Connor- “From The 2nd of April I have taken Self Care sessions from the lovely Kay Ska. Some things that i struggled with included constantly having negative self talk, critising my accomplishments thinking that they aren’t good enough, and finally berating myself for not having accomplished more.

Some benefits since that first session allowed me to see the bigger picture and to get a different insight (and allowing me to take a step back from another’s reflection) was also quite helpful, as well as picking up improvements such as daily meditations and journaling have allowed me to see my progress and professional growth . I also have improved to the point that it would barely be recognisable that i had those issues to begin with.

Overall I have found Kay to be an caring and charismatic, individual who seems to love delving into seeing her clientele achieve and be more comfortable with themselves for that I greatly have benefited from several self care sessions which are currently ongoing. 😊

Any questions I would have no problems giving deeper personalised feedback to others who are considering self care sessions, I can be contacted via twitter @ConnorDuthie,  or feel free to query me via email.