Weight gain and body acceptance

Weight gain and body acceptance

Weight gain and body acceptance: Can these two coexist? 

One of the symptoms of my body’s flare up has been weight gain. At first it seemed quite subtle, but in the recent weeks it’s become a lot more obvious. 

I realised it was happening and was trying to make sure I’m cool with it, until I wasn’t. I began avoiding looking at my own reflection, not wanting to look or touch my body and putting on comfortable clothes that I can hide in. 

I’ve been feeling myself wanting to dissociate from my body and some of the old patterns coming back, excusing them as “at least until I lose that weight.” 

Even though I KNOW all of the reasons behind this temporary weight gain (my adrenals are super weakened and I have a viral flare up, which are a common reason for weight issues), I still found myself judging it so much and frankly not being okay with it. 

Something my friend and mentor @chitterlove said to me recently was “It’s easy to accept ourselves when we look and feel great but can we accept, love, and be kind to ourselves when it’s the opposite?” 

That’s so true and there have been many challenges, lessons, and blessings that this flare has brought up for me. Strengthening my own Self-Love and practising what I preach has definitely been one of them! 

Here are things I’ve been doing more of recently to lean more into the acceptance of my body: 

  • Challenging those ego and irrational thoughts with the Truth and rational thoughts. 
  • Feeling the gratitude for everything my body is doing. Feeling grateful for the many lessons, even when my body hurts and I can barely move. Finding the gratitude in being slowed down. 
  • Appreciating my body parts and recognizing that even though they might look different right now, they are still amazing and worthy of love. Gently touching parts of my body thanking and appreciating them. That includes my constantly bloated belly, too! 
  • Reminding myself that I’m not defined by how my body looks. I am still worthy and enough regardless of how I look!

These are just a few things that are currently helping me a lot with my body image.

I wholeheartedly believe that weight gain and body acceptance can coexist. It might be challenging but when you stay connected to your body and love it and yourself no matter what it looks like.  

I would love to hear what are the things that help you through bad body image days? Share below and let’s and support one another in the comments! 

Kay <3 


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